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Buy Female Marmoset Monkey. We breed capuchins, owl monkeys , squirrel monkeys, And Marmoset monkeys. They are known as finger monkeys, or pocket monkeys. we also sell golden handed,(red handed)tamarins . We have hand fed babies available year round. The babies are bottle fed by us and are totally tame. They are pre-sold before they are born. Advanced training at our facility on pick up day is free. Starter kits are available and are extra They are all guaranteed healthy. We are one of the largest breeders in the state. $6900 DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES. FINANCING AVAILABLE

Feeding And Diet Of Marmoset Monkeys

They can travel 1/3 to 2/3 of a mile each day in their search for food. Finger monkeys are a species of monkeys that completely live in the trees. They will live in an area of trees that provides them with food and hiding places which will be used for refuge when a predator threatens them. Wild marmosets eat a variety of foods. They will forage for flowers, nectar, and fruits. Tree saps and tree gums along with bugs, spiders, frogs, and snails. Marmoset Monkey For Sale are a social species and will live in groups averaging 8-10 monkeys and can be found in groups up to 15 in numbers. Baby Marmosets Monkey,  World Organization for Animal Health (OIE),

Babies Marmoset Monkeys For Sale

Baby Marmosets Monkey is a small species of monkey as to how they got their nickname of finger monkey. Their weight is only 300 to 500 grams and the body is only 5.5 to 7.5 inches not including the tail. The tail length is another 7 to 15 inches. There are 22 different types or species of finger monkeys. 6 are in the genus Callithrix. Baby Marmosets Monkey

Where To Buy Marmoset Monkeys In 2021

Buy marmoset monkeys from We have hand-raised and trained marmoset monkeys for sale at very affordable prices. All our monkeys are healthy, vet checked, potty trained. We have been breeding Marmoset monkeys for over ten years now. Call us for more information or leave a message on the contact page and we will answer all your questions?




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