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Buy Female Capuchin Monkey Online. Top quality monkeys, 10 weeks old, very healthy. All health records available. Welcoming, playful and very social. Will make your family best companion

Buy Female Capuchin Monkey Online on The capuchin is a New World monkey that often appears in television or movies as the hat-and-vest-wearing monkey that collects money from street performances. These long-lived monkeys (average life span is 40 years) are highly intelligent, mischievous, and territorial. Smart as they are, they never learn to use the toilet and need diapers for their entire life span.

Female Capuchin Monkey Babies For Sale

Captive capuchin monkeys are charming as babies and need care much like a human baby. Capuchin babies can form a tight bond with their human mother or father, may need to be bottle-fed for some time (if not forever), and will need the training to be a part of the family. You can hire a specialized monkey trainer, although particular trainers use questionable training methods. Some trainers recommend removing all four canine teeth from the monkey to prevent serious bite injuries down the road. This practice is another debatable issue, and few veterinarians will perform the procedure.

How much is a Female Capuchin Monkey in 2021?

At Tamed Monkey Breeders Pets Store, you can get a healthy Female Capuchin baby at $5,900. All babies have a complete Veterinary physical exam, negative T.B. test, negative fecal exam, and come with a baby bottle, formula, pet carrier, diapers, USDA ownership papers, and a Veterinary Health Certificate all included for one price plus the ultimate in human bonding and socialization done at a unique professional level.

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