Babies Marmoset Monkeys For Sale

Babies Marmoset Monkeys For Sale

Babies Marmoset Monkeys For Sale. All of our marmoset and tamarin babies are hand-raised, tamed, and on the bottle. These tiny monkeys, also known as finger monkeys, grow to weigh only 1 pound at maturity, so they are very delicate creatures and do not make good pets for children. The purchase of one of our babies come with a premium care package, travel carrier, vet exam, health certificate, and breeder support for the lifetime of the animal. Their care package includes a soft blanket, food, formula with syringe and Miracle Nipple (if applicable), and a tamed monkey breeders exotics backpack to carry all the supplies in. All monkey babies will receive a physical exam and health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian before leaving our care.


Our marmoset and tamarin babies sell out fast, and are typically presold. Contact us to add your name to our waiting list if you do not see any available baby. A $1000 nonrefundable deposit and an approved adoption application are required to reserve the monkey baby of your choice.



We do not recommend marmosets or tamarins as pets to children or inexperienced exotic animal owners. Do not apply for a monkey if you cannot handle a pet that bites (hard!). Only approved applicants who have done their research on this challenging exotic animal will be considered. We highly suggest all applicants to join the Marmoset monkey group on Facebook to read about experiences from other owners to see if marmosets would be the right pet for you. We are, however, happy to answer any specific questions you may have once you have done some basic research.


TRANSPORT: We offer nationwide transport options for your convenience, through pet carrier agencies. Contact us and become a proud owner of one of these primates.

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