About Us

We have the highest quality, best-socialized babies available and the most comprehensive after-sales support programs available including training techniques, diet prep, and info. We provide full ongoing after-sale support, cage design, and all facets of care. Very healthy and cute Macaque, Capuchin, Spider, Squirrel, Marmoset  Monkeys for you. We breed only the best quality and all our monkeys are super adorable and will make good pets

With over 10 years of experience, our major goals is breeding only the finest and healthy monkeys species for animal security and wildlife protection, with sustainable development programs for the future generations of exotic pets. We hold several licenses, and awards and as a member of the USDA committee, we are very privileged, and providing top services and keeping our clients happy is our main objective. The world will be a better place together with these pets and mankind flourishing and showing love to these species.

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